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Problem installing TeX Live2021

Postby lrPrentice » Thu Jan 06, 2022 11:41 pm


As a writer/indie publisher I jumped for joy when I discovered the LaTeX markdown package. So I decided to write a how-to book for other indie publishers to help them write more typographically beautiful books with markdown efficiency. Spent six intense months and money on tech consulting, a proof reader, and cover/interior designer. But now I’ve hit a serious snag.

The LaTeX markdown package is still under development but substantially usable. It requires TeX Live 2021. I’ve installed TeX Live 2021 on three computers running Ubuntu 20.24. Installation and book interior compilation was successful on the first, but failed on the other two—when I try to compile my book with:

latexmk -lualatex —shell-escape interior.tex

…the systems fail to find latexmk or lualatex. My proofreader hit the same roadblock when he tried to install TeX Live 2021 on his Windows system.

Why did these installations fail? I need to know.

For my tech-adverse readers I need simple fail-proof TeX Live installation recipes for the three major operating systems. Current TeX Live 2021 installation docs are rather opaque to say the least.

Any ideas?


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