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TeXShop .pdf larger then pdflatex created .pdf ?

Postby 23r0 » Sun Feb 01, 2015 9:55 pm


I'm relatively new to LaTeX and TeXShop. I just started to convert my documents to TeX/LaTeX to regain freedom and get rid of all those office suites.

I started with creating my invoice template with TeXShop, which worked pretty well and the created .pdf is perfect. Because I use this template regulary and because I'm fond of Unix I wanted to create a shellscript as a wrapper to create .PDFs from this TeXShop created .tex file. I checked the TeXShop config and saw that it's using pdflatex with the following options:

pdflatex --file-line-error --shell-escape --synctex=1

However, when I use this command a .pdf will be created, and it's looking good, but it's smaller then the original TeXShop one, around 2cm smaller, so the folding marks don't fit anymore. It's kind of resized from all sides.

Does anyone have an idea what could cause this?
Is there some kind of logfile where I could see which exact command TeXShop is issuing to create the .pdf from .tex?

The log file TeXShop creates is not really helpful...

Thanks in advance,


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Re: TeXShop .pdf larger then pdflatex created .pdf ?

Postby 23r0 » Thu Feb 12, 2015 12:08 am

Ok - I guess I found the problem. It seems to be the printer settings. But I still don't understand why the printing of the same .pdf creates different results with the same settings. Obviously the settings can't be the same, but could someone give me a hint where to look?

These are the facts:
-Printing from TexShop works fine, perfect output. I checked the printer settings of texShop. It's 100%, no border.
-When I open the same .pdf later with Apple Preview App and set it to 100% no border my Logo in the right upper corner will be cut. Looks like there is a 1.5cm invisible border. BTW: the default setting for this .pdf in Preview will be 90%. In TexShop it's 100%.
-When I print the same .pdf with lp or lpr cli commands, the print will begin nearly at the edge of the paper with the logo cut off. The whole layout moved up about 2cm. Why?

I don't get it. Any help?



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Re: TeXShop .pdf larger then pdflatex created .pdf ?

Postby Johannes_B » Thu Feb 12, 2015 11:18 am

Hi and welcome,

i just realised that you are talking of the paper size instead of the filesize.

You noticed yourself, that the problem you encounter is depending on the used viewer or rather the printer driver.
TeXshop itself is just an editor, like vi or emacs. The programm typesetting the document is pdflatex, a cli programm.

Please test with any pdf you got, does the same happen? TeXshop can view completely external pdf files, i hope.

If the problem is with the printer driver, i recommend to ask in a specialized place. I am not aware of any experts on that matter around here.
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