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Not strictly AucTeX - Org-mode Makes Simple Latex Easy

Postby newsy » Thu Aug 28, 2008 4:05 am

The new hotness in the Emacs community is revolving around Org mode.

Org is a fully featured planner and task manager, based on the outline-mode already present in Emacs.

But you don't care about those features, you're interested in Latex. Well, org can do Latex too.

For a document as simple as

# Header for proper HTML export -*- org-export-with-LaTeX-fragments:t -*-

* Chapter 1
You can tweak the preamble by modifying org-format-latex-header.
Links are as simple as [[][org-mode]] like a wiki.
** Subsec 1
* Chap 2
** Subsec 1

\alpha doesn't need math-mode.

If $a>2$ and $$b=\sqrt{\beta}$$, jump for joy.


A & simple & table\\

You can export the whole thing in latex or HTML (if you have dvipng).
Exporting is as easy as
C-c C-e h = HTML export in the current directory - you get a free TOC.
C-c C-e l = Latex export to a buffer, in which you can switch to and C-c C-t C-p for pdflatex mode and then C-c C-c for export. - Another free TOC.

See the sections at and for more info.

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