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Beta Testers for LaTeXing – Sublime Text Plug-in

Postby Chris--- » Sat Apr 20, 2013 6:23 pm


after trying and evaluating several programs to write LaTeX files I ended up frustrated with the idea to write my own one. Before I started I thought about what I would like to achieve and one major priority is the cross platform support and a fast and efficient way to complete my work.

With the aim to complete my PhD thesis with it I wrote a plugin for Sublime Text 2. Sublime Text is available on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux and so a good framework to work with. After playing around with the available LaTeXTools for ST2 I started to improve it but after a while I realized I wrote so much from scratch and added so many new functions that I basically created a brand new plug-in.

LaTeXing Features

  • Full project support
  • Smart fill of the following core commands: include, input, includegraphics, cite, bibliography.
  • Forward and Reverse search by using the synctec function.
  • "Goto Symbol" support, jump to any part, chapter, section, paragraph, label, input, include, sub-files, bibliography, or LaTeXing option in your LaTeX file.
  • User defined temp directory and possibility to clean a build.
  • TeX Live and MiKTeX support.
  • Search for package documentation using texdoc commando line tool if available.
  • Count your words by using texcount commando line tool if available.
  • Internet thesauruses and dictionaries for selected words, for example via,, or
  • support for references; import single reference, multiple references by tag, or all missing reference keys.
  • Support of the following packages: subfiles, cleveref, acronym, currfile.
  • Support of .cwl files provided by the separate LaTeX-cwl extension
  • Dynamic load of commands for included packages.
  • Smart creation of labels for parts, chapters, sections, paragraphs, figures, and tables.
  • Windows and Mac OS X (Linux Version will be released eventually later, need some tester).
  • many more …

Now I am at a position where I could need some beta testers to improve the software even more and eventual add new features. Please sent me a PM if you are interested.

You can also give me some feedback here to the feature list below; what do you think?

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Re: Beta Testers for LaTeXing – Sublime Text Plug-in

Postby Chris--- » Wed May 01, 2013 8:37 pm

Now the official website is online, with a couple of screenshots, so I hope that helps to imagine how LaTeXing will work and perhaps motivate a couple more to help. The plugin will be released for the public soon.


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Re: Beta Testers for LaTeXing – Sublime Text Plug-in

Postby Chris--- » Thu May 09, 2013 1:02 am

The plugin and documentation is now available in Version 0.5 and can be downloaded from

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