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vim LaTeX suite: custom label for cross-references

Postby yipeah » Fri Jun 10, 2016 2:49 pm


I am using vim LaTeX suite in connection with the ctable package.

When inserting a cross reference in vim, all recognized \labels appear in a menu after pressing F9.

Instead of the \label command, the ctable package specifies the label in the options of the \ctable command. These labels are not recognized by vim LaTeX suite and are therefore not available in the menu.

\ctable[label={tab:recognize_me}, caption = {Stuff.}]{w{3cm}w{3cm}w{3cm}w{2cm}}{ }
Plate name & Coordinates & Dilution & Finish time \LL

How can I make vim LaTeX suite recognize ctable labels?

Thanks for your help!


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