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Bug: Crash on Alt + `

Postby Ergodicity » Fri Jun 15, 2007 11:59 pm

Dear Sven and possibly other developers,

I just stumbled upon a bug in TeXnicCenter while wanting to Alt-Tab away to another window, but hitting the wrong key by mistake. If you press Alt + ` (the most upper left key, the same as ~ on an internationally configured keyboard), the program crashes. I've restarted both my computers and retried this, and it's perfectly reproducable and to the best of my knowledge, a reliable bug report.

Since I'm submitting a bug report anyway, I might as well tell you about another one that I've been aware of for quite a number of years now Very Happy. If you compile something to DVI output, pressing Ctrl + F7, all goes fine. If you then change the selection to PDF output and press Ctrl + F7 to recompile, nothing happens. The workaround is to compile using Build > Current File > Build in the menu, from which point on, compiling with Ctrl + F7 works fine again. The same problem occurs when first compiling to PDF and then switching to DVI. I noticed it since I hardly use the mouse while TeXing, and since DVI-files are smaller in size but users are more likely to have a PDF viewer, I produce output of both types.

PS: If there is a better place to report bugs, please let me know. Since the Issue Tracker is down, I thought your own forum would be the best place to try.

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Re: Bug: Crash on Alt + `

Postby Sven » Wed Jun 20, 2007 9:28 am

The tracker at TeXnicCenter's sourceforge page is still the official one. The problem is, that there are no active developers on the TeXnicCenter project at the moment, so there is no one who can fix your bug Crying or Very sad
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Re: Bug: Crash on Alt + `

Postby roman » Tue Jul 03, 2007 8:40 pm

I just analyzed this Alt + ` issue (at least I tried to Mr. Green) and it seems to be a compatibility issue on Win2k/WinXP (not tested on NT yet, but it works on Windows Me for example). Whenever you press Alt + [any other key] some kind of unicode character code is sent to the application, what causes a crash somewhere in the BCGControlBar Library used by TeXnicCenter. As the BCGControlBar Library is not open-source we're unable to fix this bug without obtaining a newer version of the library.

@Sven: Maybe this is the right time to continue our (e-mail) discussion about the future of TeXnicCenter in the forum. I will open a new thread for this.

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