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Project: vTeX a small (La)TeX/pandoc distribution for CI

Postby mwt » Mon Mar 08, 2021 3:09 am

There are many posts online about the relatively difficult task of running continuous integration (automatic compiling) of LaTeX source files. Most guides have users download multiple GB of general Docker files or packages for every build.

I have created a script to generate a very small, customizable, and portable LaTeX distribution with pandoc. In my case, the bundle is less than 63MB. Here is the repository and the first release.

I currently use this to generate both a webpage and PDF for my resume from the same markdown file. There are a lot of potential use cases in web development. For example, you could easily generate web pages and PDFs for recipes, instructions, etc. I know some people also use CI to update PDFs of papers or class notes across many locations.

I hope this is useful to others as it was for me. Let me know if you think there are enhancements that you'd like to see or if you need any help in making your own fork of the project.
Check out vTeX, an ultra lightweight LaTeX/pandoc bundle for CI systems like GitHub actions and vercel.

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