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Adding a graphical cover to a book template

Postby hlc54 » Thu Jun 23, 2022 4:41 pm

This is my first post relating to a latex book, so I apologise if the questions are very basic. I am wanting to publish a 6x9" (trim size) book(paperback and hardback, but not e-book), using a self publisher such as Amazon KDP or Ingram Spark. I believe at the point of submission, two PDF files are sent to them, one for the content and one for the cover.

I have downloaded and compiled the Wiley book latex

I wish to develop develop a cover for front/back/spine of the book, with ISBN and using image files and text. KDP provides a page of advice and also a calculator, but I am unsure of how the calculator can be used with latex.

There are also third party cover calculators around, eg

I have the following questions,
1. For the above template, do I need to specify somewhere I want the final book to be trim size 6x9?
2. Is there a latex template for book covers that anyone can recommend to me?

thank you

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