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Kao book how to include bibitem in bibliography?

Postby tekraj » Tue Nov 01, 2022 2:17 pm

I have an extended bibliography in bibitem format but when I include it in my latex file, it's not working--no cite+bibliography not getting generated properly.

Current output



Input bibitem

\bibitem[Su \em{et~al.}(2017)Su, Rudas, Zurada, Er, Chou, and
Su, S.F.; Rudas, I.J.; Zurada, J.M.; Er, M.J.; Chou, J.H.; Kwon, D.
\newblock Industry 4.0: A special section in IEEE access.
\newblock {\em IEEE Access} {\bf 2017}, {\em 5},~12257--12261.


The current bibitem is included directly in the chapter as I want chapter wise bibliography. With the .bib file, it's working fine.

Thank you.

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